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As highly trusted specialists in Graphite , UCT ELECTRODES ENGINEERING EQUIPMENTS (U.C.T.EEE) is the top of the commonly chosen machinery systems choice for CNC machining. With a fast response and turn – around time, we answer customers’ needs quickly, carefully, and expertly. In our new, superior facilities, we carry a large inventory of grades of Graphite , including AS – TZ, AS – CX, AS – RM, and AS – LM. With many capabilities, we produce small and large scale runs for clients in many different industries and for varying applications, meeting extremely tight tolerances. Our specialty Graphite is available in a host of sizes and as both blocks and rounds, providing not just quality, but variety and quantity as well. Our specialty Graphite is also thermally conductive and shock and chemical resistant.
With worldwide shipping and rush service available, UCT ELECTRODES ENGINEERING EQUIPMENTS (U.C.T.EEE) is one of the leader industry manufacturing company the country’s Graphite leader. Please contact us with any questions, and see below for details.

Machining Processes Saw Cutting – Turning Milling – Planning
Equipment CNC Lathe – Vertical Mills
Machinery Axis 3
Fixturing Three-jaw chuck – Four-jaw chuck Pallets – In – House Fixturing & Tooling
Materials Specialty Graphite
Grades AS – TZ – AS – CX AS-RM – AS-LM
Characteristics Thermal – Conductive Shock – Chemical Resistance
Part Diameter Up to 60 in
Part Length Up to 140 in
Part Width Up to 120 in
Part Height Up to 48 in
Additional Services Sanding
Production Volume Prototype to Large Scale Production Volume Run
Lead Times Available 2 to 3 weeks – Rush Services Available
Shipping Worldwide

UCT ELECTRODES ENGINEERING EQUIPMENTS (U.C.T.EEE) Specialty Products ensures 100% of all graphite electrodes and nipples meet industry quality standards; are the correct grade, specification and size for the application; have passed final inspection and then are carefully packaged for delivery. This quality product assurance combined with accurate and timely shipments provides a trouble – free start to finish electrode order process. Product quality assurance consists of an accurate visual test along with many automated QA tests before the final inspection.

UCT ELECTRODES ENGINEERING EQUIPMENTS (U.C.T.EEE) Specialty Products has a range of electrode grades and diameters to help maximize your furnace performance and provide measurable operating economies. Select from High Power, Super High Power or Ultra High Power electrode grades, in various diameters, to meet electric-arc furnace electrical, mechanical and / or thermal operating conditions and special applications. The correct selection of electrodes is key to obtaining the most economical furnace operations (e.g., furnace performance vs. carbon consumption).